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• Is your service free?
- Yes. Our banner exchange service is free for all members.

• Can I have adult content on my website?
- No! We do not accept websites with adult content.

• What banner sizes do you support?
- We support 468x60, 120x60 and 125x175 baner sizes. Banners with nude imagery will be rejected.

• What does the banner display ratio 5:4 mean?
- For every 5 banners displayed, 4 display credit will be earned. Join our banner exchange network and get 3000 bonus credits for each banner size (9000 bonus credits in total)

• How many banners may I display per page?
- Only 1 banner per page may be displayed for each banner size. 1 banner 468x60, 1 banner 120x60 and 1 banner 125x175 per page.

• What requirements are there to the banners?
- 468x60 banners must be under 25K in file size, 120x60 and 125x175 must be under 15K in file size. Only gif, .jpg, or.jpeg format. Animation is allowed.

• How quickly can I start getting traffic?
- Account activation is immediate. Account approval usually takes no more that 24 - 48 hours. However, your you can place the HTML code on your site immediately and start earning display credits.

• How do I get my banner linking code?
- Please and choose banner size you want to get linking code first, after that please choose "Get HTML code" and click "Submit" button.

• May I modify the HTML code for displaying banners?
- No, you are not allowed to modify the HTML code.

• My banner was declined, why?
- Banners submitted are declined for one of two reasons:
1) The URL you gave for the banner is invalid or gave a "404 - page not found" error message when the administrator checked. Verify that the website address you submitted still loads an active site.
2) Your Banner contains nude imagery.

If you still have any questions, please contact us.

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